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I can’t believe it’s March already.  My March blog, written in February (sorry about the delay), is about who becomes your family and how they become your family  and the meaning they bring to your life.  

My newish book, All My Funny Ones: A Collection of Short Stories, has been out since late November 2017.  People are telling me they’re enjoying it.  I had one reading engagement at op. cit. books in Santa Fe in January 2018 (thanks to those who attended) and, yes, all of my books are available there), and I will be having another reading, this one also featuring the artwork of my friend, Leslie Harris, at Fine Art Framers at 1415 W Alameda St., Santa Fe, NM 87501, on Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 2 p.m. The book is also available on Amazon.   To learn more and/or to order the book, click here.  If you would like to see a YouTube of me reading a story from the book, click here.

Also, the pillowcases on my VIDA site have become more affordable (because they don’t include the actual pillow anymore). Check them out here: https://www.shopvida.com/collections/mlittman. 

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