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What if we gave birth to future and past generations at the same time? Gershon Polokov feels a deep attachment to his great-granddaughter, Sophie.  He believes her to be the reincarnation of his deceased wife, Sophie’s great-grandmother. Before he dies, Gershon tells newborn Sophie the story of their past life together and the new life that is to come.  Then, in his final hours, Gershon has stronger visions of the future than of the past, while Sophie’s memories intensify as she matures.  Are the two destined to reunite as husband and wife, as they have been joined in every incarnation?  Is there a mutual drive to find each other in every life and, together, discover the keeper of their souls?

In this novel of recognition and continuity, the lives of two families, spanning several decades, are connected through generations of reincarnated souls, some with memories of their former lives and others without.

Includes Reader’s Guide.

The Rebirth of Gershon Polokov

The Rebirth of Gershon Polokov, published by Sunstone Press, is available as a paperback or e-book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and independent booksellers. 

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